Custom Programs

Your Requirements

The need for peace, relaxation and well-being is universal. Mindfulness can help us better manage the stresses of life.

Every client is unique. Awaken Pittsburgh works with you to assess your strengths and needs in order to customize our programs to each situation. We suggest setting up a free one-hour consultation. We want to listen to your specific circumstances. Together we can identify how to create a program to meet your requirements. Generally, these offerings are developed in direct collaboration with the client or organization, and may include one or more of the following: individual coaching, curriculum development, training materials, workshops, presentations, research studies and reports, etc. 

Our Services

  • Mindfulness training for social service providers and workers in stressful careers (either as professional development sessions or as ongoing support).
  • Mindfulness training for educators to incorporate mindfulness into their classrooms or curricular areas.
  • Workshops and seminars on the research behind mindfulness and its benefits for your setting.
  • Presentations with practical application of mindfulness in everyday teaching, learning, and working.
  • Personalized pilot mindfulness programs and/or research studies for your setting.
  • Customized curricula for youth and/or adults, to meet your requirements.
  • Stress-reduction and self-care techniques for administration and staff members.
  • Mindfulness and meditation instruction and practice sessions.   

Fees for these programs will be based on the fixed and variable costs involved in the research, development and implementation phases.

Contact us for a free one hour consultation to discuss what you need and how we can help.